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Summer league
Compete with some of the most aggressive and fierce talent in the Bay Area, Jun 25 – Aug 13 2017. Chabot College 25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545
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Real competition. Real impact.

The Bay Area Christian Church (BACC) has produced one of the most exciting all around summer basketball leagues every year since 1993. Because of its emphasis on building strong relationships through competitive basketball, the BACC ‘Above the Rim Hoop League’ is unlike any other league in the Bay Area. The BACC Hoop League has always been about doing good in the community and will continue to do just that in the summer of 2017!

League location: Chabot College (25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA 94545)

NCAA Certified

We are proud to be a NCAA certified summer league. Learn more at the NCAA official site.

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Become a coach

Visit the USAB website for instructions on becoming a Gold Licensed coach.

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The Schedule

Alameda VS San Francisco 3:00p
Contra Costa VS Santa Clara 4:00p
San Mateo VS Silicon Valley 5:00p

HS League
Alameda VS Contra Costa (Big Gym) 2:00p
San Francisco VS Santa Clara (Small Gym) 4:00p

Alameda VS Santa Clara 4:30p
Silicon Valley VS San Francisco 5:30p
Contra Costa VS San Mateo 6:30p

HS League
Alameda VS San Francisco (Small gym) 4:00p
San Mateo VS Contra Costa (Small gym) 5:00p

Alameda VS Silicon Valley 2:00
Santa Clara VS San Mateo 4:00
San Francisco VS Contra Costa 5:00

HS League
Alameda VS Santa Clara (Big gym) 3:00
San Mateo VS San Francisco (Small gym) 4:00

Alameda VS San Mateo 2:00p
Contra Costa VS Silicon Valley 4:00p
San Francisco VS Santa Clara 5:00p

HS League
Santa Clara VS San Mateo (Small Gym) 4:00p
Contra Costa VS San Francisco (Big Gym) 3:00p

San Francisco VS San Mateo 2:00p
Alameda VS Contra Costa 4:00p
Silicon Valley VS Santa Clara 5:00p

HS League
Santa Clara VS Contra Costa (Small Gym) 4:00p
Alameda VS San Mateo (Big gym)3:00p

8/6 playoffs

San Mateo Vs San Francisco (Teens) 2:00

Alameda VS San Francisco (Adults) 3:00

Alameda VS Santa Clara (Teens) 4:00

San Mateo VS Silicon Valley (Adults) 5:00

MS Challenge (east VS west bay) 2:00

Teen Championship 3:00

Dunk Contest 4:15

3 Point Contest 4:30

Adult Championship 5:00

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The programs

Here are the different ways you can participate in Above the Rim.


Adults Name Location/School
1 Marquel Hoskins SFSU
2 Winston Demmin SFSU
3 Michael Justice Cal Baptist University
4 Emeka Udeoji
5 Joshua Hatcher Chadron State University
6 Naim Tate Skyline
7 Antoine Turner
8 Prabe Bolaria Skyline
9 Ibraham Ali
10 Leroy Anderson Pacific Union College
11 Tyler Rydeen
12 Charles Minland
13  Carlo DeJesus
Coach Martin Oji
Adults Name Location/School
1 Nick McCullar  Menlo College
2 Tim Kees  Menlo College
3 Oscar Mejia
4 Dante Johnson
5 Orlando Johnson  Former NBA Player
6 Andrew Davenport
7 Jeff Ford  NDNU
8 Justin Brue  UCSD
9 Tyler Rajnus  Menlo College
10 Keifer O’Hara
11 Chris Mirandilla
12 Rolland Pearsall  Long Beach City
Coach Del Johnson
Adults Name Location/School
1 Denzel Bellot Texas A&M International
2 John Gilchrist
3 Ed Wright
4 AJ Benson
5 Ade Henderson Merritt College
6 Dereke E’Denchukwu UC Merced
7 Camdenn Young-Harry UC Merced
8 Majok Deng Alameda College
9 Thomas Fautska Castro Valley HS
10 Keenan Miller SFSU
11 Major Williams
12 Kenny Hatch Texas A&M International
Coach Chris Howard  UNC Charlotte
Adults Name Location/School
1 Dele Sobomehin
2 David Moore  Hawaii Pacific
3 Suhail Mohammadi  Fresno Pacific
4 Wahab
5 Aaron Ragsdale  Tuskegee Universtity
6 Keith Bowman  Costa d’Orlando (Italy)
7 Jerry Brown  Santa Clara University
8 Erin Pryor  University of Illinois Chicago
9 Leo Sveti  IUPU
10 Alex Boyce  Canada College
11 Wade Morgan  Standford
12 Tacoleby
Coach Remi Sobomehin  
Adults Name Location/School
1 Christian Giron
2 Davion Mize  Sonoma State
3 Roy Giles  SOSU
4 Luke Laguna  CSU Maritime
5 Brian Goins  CSUSB
6 Aaron Mollet
7 Dominique Serrano
8 Steve Lenz
9 Kelly
10 Maurice Kimball  Solano College
11 Bennie
12 Joey Hewitt
12 Justin Johnson Contra Costa College
13 Eric Headly
Coach Larry Green  
Coach Drew Gephart
Adults Name Location/School
1 EJ Farris  Utah State
2 Dominique Grant  Bellevue University
3 Larry Wickett  Contra Costa College
4 Kellen Sweetwyne  OLLUSA
5 Darius Limbrick  Los Positas
6 Janou Rubin  UCLA
7 Deontay Smith
8 Jack Pasquini Cal State East Bay
9 Tony Robinson  ABA
10 Brett Davis
11 Will Akkaya
Coach Anthony Miller
Coach Jerry Iroaga

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