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Special Events

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“When the crowds heard him, they were astounded

at his teaching.” – Matthew 22:33

Special Contribution allows us to host events that inspire crowds of thousands from around the Bay Area every year. These events build faith, inspire relationships, and meet needs within the community. At every special event we host, we want each participant to experience the best of what God’s Kingdom has to offer. Because God is so incredible, we want to create a memory connected to the Bay Area Christian Church that best represents our efforts to express how great God is.

Special Contribution enables us to go the extra mile to create and innovate in a way that is inspiring, accessible, affordable, and at times free at some of the most popular and distinguished venues in the Bay Area. Your generosity allows us to provide unique and creative resources for everyone to walk away with lasting and impactful memories, ensuring our special needs community has an exceptional experience as well.

Special Events

Holiday Celebration Service

Thousands come from across the Bay Area to celebrate the holidays together, become inspired by powerful lessons and performances, and give to those in need.

Special Events

Girls Night Out

Hundreds of women become inspired, encouraged, and empowered by other women through compelling lessons and moving musical performances.

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Special Events

Middle school and high school camps

The Santa Cruz mountains are a great place for middle schoolers and teens to develop friendships and memories while also discovering who God is.

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