Leadership Training & Development

“But select from all the people some capable,

honest men who fear God…they will

help you carry the load…” – Exodus 18:21-22

Because spiritual and powerful leadership is vital to our future, we are committed to actively training our current leadership while also investing in the next generation of leaders. To ensure we are able to provide dynamic and spiritually powerful guidance for the next generation, we are investing in tomorrow’s leaders through our internship and scholarship programs. These programs begin in the summer when we support a number of students who devote their school break to leadership training. Some are able to stay in the program throughout the school year.

Not only are we investing in the next generation, but we also continue to cultivate the current shared leadership we have in our church. As pioneers in our teen, college, and family ministries, our non full-time leadership teams, also known as house church leaders, are working together with our full-time staff to build the church in their respective areas. This partnership is leading to an increase in spiritual ownership, investment, and financial stability in each ministry.


Annual toy drive volunteering

For the past ten years, our young leaders have been inspiring others and coordinating the collection of thousands of toys and gift cards for children in foster care.


Digital media and production team

Our internship and scholarship programs give students the opportunity to use their writing, digital, and communication skills to make God attractive online.


Entertainment and music production

Our congregational events are made even more inspiring and powerful when our young leaders are given the opportunity to use their music and singing talents to make them spiritual and excellent.

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