Our annual Special Contribution on June 10th provides an exciting opportunity to invest in our future.

“The righteous keep moving forward

and those with clean hands become

stronger and stronger.” – Job 17:9

We are excited to announce our 2018 Special Contribution will be taking place on June 10th. As this scripture indicates, we cannot remain righteous and stay where we are. With this in mind, our theme for this year’s contribution is Forward. We chose this theme to reflect our conviction that the only way to reach the future God has planned for us is to keep moving forward. We think the following quote, from this year’s breakout movie Black Panther, best captures our vision for this theme:

“Just because something works doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.”

The temptation to believe that what we have is good enough is a constant threat to our future. Rather than settling for what seems to be working fine, we must constantly redefine ourselves and keep moving forward. As a church, this is what we strive for every day.

What you are about to see is an audiovisual representation of the theme Forward. Pay attention to the E-Sports journey illustrated in the video. This story is just a glimpse into the many ways our contribution today is investing in our future.

Watch our featured video “Forward”

Our world today was not made by those who stood still, but by those who dared to keep moving forward. Not by the people who asked 'What happened?' but rather by those who wondered 'What’s next?'

Forward2018 Special Contribution

We must always look for ways to improve

and grow in order to ensure that tomorrow

is better for the next generation.

This is what Forward means for us. With every Special Contribution we collect, we are able to invest in the future in multiple ways, through 1) Innovative Leadership Training & Development, 2) Community Involvement & Impact, 3) Our Compassion-Driven Doing Good Fund, and 4) Outstanding Special Events.

Our forward mindset in each of these areas has shaped the decisions that have propelled us to where we are today and how we will continue to make God attractive to the generations that follow.

What we want you to understand is that moving forward requires determined consistency. Our E-Sports programs have been serving our community for 19 years. This year will mark our 25th summer for our Basketball League, 21 years offering our Spiritual Resource Ministry, 15 years building our Y-ministry, and 18 years supporting and partnering with the Hope Technology School.

This consistency does not go unnoticed in our Bay Area community. You don’t get to be the pregame showcase event for the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena without 19 years of commitment to building relationships, refining our product, and improving how people experience what we offer.

This is why we give. Without your determined consistency each year,
none of this would have been possible.

ForwardImpact Report 2018

No, dear brothers and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on...

Philippians 3:13 Forward 2018

How has Special Contribution made an impact?

Learn more about how your giving has helped God move in these key areas.


Training & development of current and future leaders.

Digital Influence

Using technology to influence the world.

Doing good

Volunteering and donations to our Doing Good Fund.

Special events

Local and affordable, inspiring all throughout the year.

Impact stories

Read about these examples of how your donations over the years have both directly and indirectly made an impact on the Bay Area.

Topic – Doing Good

August 23, 2018

Autism Society of Austin Texas – Harvey Relief

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, we came together to donate money, noise-cancelling headphones, and sensory bottles to distribute to displaced families with special needs.

Boys & Girls Club of America

Our Doing Good Fund allowed us to provide funding to support students in our summer internship and scholarship programs, dedicating their time to helping underserved kids.

E-Hoops, the Warriors and USF

This fully inclusive basketball program for typical and special needs kids has been widely recognized by many organizations, including the University of San Francisco and the Golden State Warriors this past March.

Hope Technology School Monthly Support

Because of our monthly contribution and support, Hope Technology School has become a world-renowned leader in inclusive education for children with special needs.

Entertainment and Music Production

Our congregational events would not be nearly as inspiring and powerful if we did not have young leaders using their music and singing talents to make them spiritual and excellent.

Digital Media and Production Team

Our internship and scholarship programs give students the opportunity to use their writing, digital, and communication skills to make God attractive online.

Middle School and High School Camps

The Santa Cruz mountains are a great place for middle schoolers and teens to gain friendships and memories while also discovering who God is.

Girls Night Out

Hundreds of women become inspired, encouraged, and empowered by other women through compelling lessons and moving musical performances in order to uncover God’s plan for them.

Annual Toy Drive

For the past ten years, our young leaders have been inspiring others and coordinating the collection of thousands of toys and gift cards for children in foster care.

E-Soccer and the San Jose Earthquakes

As a fully inclusive soccer program that serves over 600 families per week, E-Soccer has also partnered with the San Jose Quakes in order to reach even more kids.

Holiday Celebration Service

Thousands come from across the Bay Area to celebrate the holidays together, become inspired by powerful lessons and performances, and give to those in need.

Petaluma Community Center Shelter

When the Napa fires hit, our community worked together to provide Target gift cards for displaced victims who lost everything, in order to help them rebuild.

Special Contribution FAQs

Join us June 10th at any of our services taking place around the Bay Area if you’re interested in giving to our 2018 Special Contribution.

How do I give to Special Contribution?

The SC is a collection of funds taken up to support the ongoing mission of the church. For 2018 these funds will help support and hire interns to train to become effective leaders in the Y, Campus and Professionals Ministries.

If you’d like to contribute to Special Contribution, simply attend one of our six services taking place on June 10th.

If you are interested in making a stock donation, please email nschaffernoth@bacc.cc

While personally raising funds, are members allowed to use the church’s name or logo, or represent that the church is sponsoring the event? If not, why?

Only with approval of the board of directors. Using the Church’s name or logo at a fundraiser may give the impression that the church will take responsibility for any harm or injury resulting from an event.

It’s quite easy to inadvertently put the church at risk for liability based on things we say or do. For example: (1) using the church name or logo to obtain a “non profit discount”; (2) using the name or logo on the internet, in a letter, on printed material, or other media format (such as radio, television, video, etc.), through which money or donations are requested; or (3) representing that the church’s insurance is available to cover potential liabilities.

What does the church require to approve sponsoring a fundraising event?

Approval by the Board of Directors (B of D). Present a written request to your Sector Leader with details of the event and they will present your request to administration and the B of D’s. Be sure to submit requests as far in advance as possible to allow timely review and room for questions or adjustments. Although there are no guarantees on board approval, fundraising events that present less risk to the church are more likely to be approved.

Under no circumstances is it possible, without board approval, to host a church sponsored fundraiser.

If the board of directors do not approve your fundraiser application, our members have many options! Check out our different fundraising ideas.

For members who plan their own fundraisers, should certain events be avoided because they are illegal or otherwise inappropriate?

Yes. Some popular fundraisers are actually illegal or inappropriate. Lotteries, raffles and casino nights are illegal in many states because they are games of chance. Also, some local city or county agencies do not allow soliciting money door-to-door without approval. Other activities that are legal but create risk include car washes (risk of damage to vehicles), homemade food sales (possible food poisoning if food is not properly stored and prepared), and talent or variety shows (injury to performers, etc). Get lots of advice and help and you should be fine.

If you are receiving checks for your own fundraiser, make checks payable to individual members for all sale items (such as a garage sale). Payments for goods or services are not charitable donations or tax deductible. However, monetary donations to the church are tax deductible, so long as nothing of value, such as good or services, are given in exchange for the money. If a buyer or anyone wishes to make a donation to the church (whether or not he or she is buying goods or services), the member may certainly write a check to the church.

  • A cancelled check is a sufficient receipt under $250.00
  • Receipts are required for donations over $250.00 and must be issued from the Church Administrative Office

If your fundraiser has not been board approved then church owned or leased property shouldn’t be used for events that the church hasn’t closely reviewed and approved.

Looking for fundraising ideas?

If you need help thinking of some things to do to raise money for Special Contribution, check out our list of fundraising ideas.

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Questions? Contact us.

We deeply appreciate everyone who helps make our church an inspiration to the Bay Area. If you have questions about your donation or about Special Contribution in general, please contact us.

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