As an athlete (or so I like to think of myself as one), I find joy in taking lessons from my runs and applying them to practical life.  I have recently begun to notice my way of training now varies drastically from the way I trained in high school.  I am now in my mid-20’s and my schedule is much different.  Runs come second to my job, classes, and homework… not to mention keeping a balanced social life.  In high school I did not work and I ran for a cross-country team.  Now running is purely optional and often alone.

Growing Up and Getting Healthy

Although my passion for running remains the same, my priorities have changed.  This led me to the article, Running through the Ages on, where the author explains the weaknesses and strengths that runners exhibit at different stages of life.  The article makes recommendations for running adjustments and styles as well as nutritional suggestions at each stage.

I found through reading the article that I am not alone when it comes to feeling pulled in all directions of life, whether towards my career, friendships, dating, and health.  The article recommended balance when it came to running.  With a lot that is changing, and changing quickly, the twenties are a time of self-control.  In order to run your best, according to the article, you need to prioritize balancing easy runs and hard runs.  And like any good running lesson, the same seems to apply to life: self-control is needed most during these changing years.

How can you live a healthy lifestyle and exercise consistently during your current stage in life?

Courtney Peterson

Courtney Peterson

Courtney is a contributor to BACC Inspire. She teaches high school and is a program coordinator at Hope Technology School in Palo Alto.

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