Expo Toolkit: Take Your Expo Experience to the Next Level

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Expo Toolkit: Take Your Expo Experience to the Next Level

Have you ever found yourself at Expo wanting to take amazing notes and grow spiritually, but feeling dissatisfied with your current note taking equipment? Do you recall Saturday mornings trying to spend time with God but looking at your inadequate journal and feeling like it’s just not getting the job done?

Well this year, we’re going to fix that.

We’re excited to announce our first ever Expo Toolkit, a bundle of goodies that will ensure that you get the most out of your weekend in Santa Clara. Each item will be sold individually, but you can get them all together for a bundle price of $30 at the registration lobby.

Take a look at what’s included:

Custom Moleskine ($19)


Everyone loves these trendy, high quality blank journals. These Moleskines are large sized, ruled, and hardback, and come with either the “SecondAct” or “Rewrite” logo embossed. They will be available in one of five different colors.

Visual Journal ($10)

visual journal

A 21 questions journey of discovery to help you strengthen your relationship with God. This journal is unique because each study begins with a question designed for you to study and discover and deepen your convictions.

Each question also comes with an attached biblical character for you to study to gain inspiration and a visual for imitation. There are scriptures designed to help you start your in-depth study as well as a few questions to prompt going deep. Finally, a call to action section to prompt a decision that leads to an action – the sign of a true conviction.

This journal is designed for you to go at your own pace. You may decide to spend several days on one question. You may also decide to use your own personal journal to accompany your study or write in the space provided in the Visual Journal.

Custom 4 Color Bic Pen ($3)

People spoke and we listened. The most popular pen for journaling is available with a customized “#WhatsYourSecondAct?” hashtag tagline imprinted on the barrel.

Assortment of Spiritual Books (price varies)

We have ordered a variety of books on spiritual topics to augment your growth plan toward achieving your SecondAct.

BACC App (free)

Not only will the App will act as your own personal assistant during the Expo, but you will be able to keep the spiritual journey fresh with access to audio recordings of all the classes along with studies, scriptures and articles to assist you in your spiritual growth. (iOS) (Google Play)

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