September marks the return to school for both high school and college students, which is typically associated with a sense of either dread, excitement, or a combination of both. Fortunately for students looking for ways to be active in their community (or to just work the college apps), the fall E-Soccer season is officially under way, which should provide an outlet and renewed sense of purpose for those quickly feeling like they’re sinking back into a grind.

Last season, E-Soccer saw a number of special events occur that exemplify how far the program has grown since its inception in 2000. Collegiate soccer teams from San Francisco State University, Cal Berkeley and Sonoma State hosted a tournament to support E-Soccer; SFSU has also become a semi-regular contributor to the program.

In addition, students at San Jose State University launched a new club called SpeakOut, which is growing rapidly as students enter the Fall semester. SpeakOut has already managed to acquire funding that will be used to support E-Soccer, particularly in the Santa Clara location as it is closer in proximity to participating universities.

There are now E-Soccer sessions taking place in 10 different locations around the Bay Area, as well as out of state and out of country. E-Soccer Las Vegas, the newest host and first autonomous U.S. program to launch and sustain itself out of California, is growing strong and regrouping as they prepare for their next season.

It’s amazing to remember that E-Soccer started out over a decade ago because one father, Russ Ewell, wanted to help his two sons with special needs learn to play soccer while building peer relationships. Inclusion was the result, and E-Soccer has grown on that philosophy ever since.

There are lots of things to look forward to for E-Soccer as we move into the Autumn. Local high schools are launching clubs to recruit members who are itching to get their hands on valuable community service hours. More to come on that as we move towards the last leg of 2012.

Sign up online at E-Soccer’s official website if you’re interested in becoming a coach, or if you’re interested in having your child attend one of the active locations.

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