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The new E-Program strives to better the health and wellbeing of Bay Area Youth

Fitness requires motivation and its demands make working with a partner a must. But the benefits can be a lifetime of good health. Although most people desire to be fit, few have the tools and opportunity to be successful.

Riding on the heels of other successful inclusive sports programs such as E-Soccer, E-Fitness is a new BACC sponsored community program that concentrates on helping individuals with or without special needs achieve maximum fitness. E-Soccer was founded by Russ Ewell, father of two sons with special needs, over a decade ago, and it is exciting to see E-Fitness bloom as another inclusive community project.

E-fitness creates workout sessions for Bay Area Youth that are designed to reach the following goals:

  • Develop the habit of exercise
  • Inspire a lifelong enjoyment of fitness
  • Achieve optimal fitness

These key concepts aim to satisfy more specific fitness goals, such as:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Core strength
  • Stability

Over the last 10 years, BACC has excelled in providing support for kids with special needs through cutting-edge programs such as E-Karate and E-Soccer. David Myers, San Jose State University Math major, has been an inspired volunteer in E-Karate since it first began, and said that his experience with the kids makes him think of one word: “confidence”. No matter what the challenge or the odds, the kids build their confidence over time. One child was trapped in low self-esteem and constant behaviors of self-harm.

However, after 4 years, true grit was framed and the same child was able to move on to Tae Kwon Do to work on earning a black belt. When given the shot, one can bloom. Like our other e-programs, we believe that E-fitness will fill a growing need for children and adults as well to develop sustainable healthy habits that build confidence for a lifetime.

E-fitness will start with a small group to develop programs and processes and then expand through out the Bay Area serving the community.

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