My wife Antonette and I got to teach a class at the “Breakthrough” Expo on changing from Religious to Righteous. We presented some ideas on how to make that change by doing some new things for 28 days. We called it the “Religious Rehab Program.” Most rehab programs for drugs, alcohol and the like say that it takes about 28 days to make a change, so we are going for that same period of time also.

If you suffer from “religion-itis” like so many do, I encourage you to take the 28-day challenge. It could change your life!

Religious Rehab Program: How to “Kick the Habit” in 28 Days

  1. Get out of the Rut: Find a new environment to have your Quiet Time – one that is inspiring and free from distraction (new café, new spot outdoors, new prayer spot, doing it earlier in morning at house)
  2. Bible Reading: Answer these questions when you read the Word:
    1. What is a new thought I have about God?
    2. How will I change today?
    3. How will I serve today?
    4. How will I be open and real today?
    5. How will I please God today?
  3. Prayer: Pray about these things when talking to God:
    1. What are positive things I am thinking about God?
    2. What are negative things I am thinking about God?
    3. What emotions am I feeling? (Mad, sad, glad, afraid, embarrassed, etc.)
    4. What sins do I need to ask forgiveness for?
    5. What do I need help with?
    6. Who are people I want God to help out?
  4. Openness: Share at least 3 of these things with someone every day:
    1. What are you afraid of?
    2. What are you dreaming about?
    3. What are you insecure about?
    4. What do you feel like you’re failing in?
    5. What is a weakness you have?
    6. What is something you feel guilty about?
    7. What is something you feel embarrassed by?
  5. New Friendships: Find at least one new “disruptive” friend – that’s a friend who makes you feel uncomfortable because they call you higher and challenge you. Have a good talk with them every week.


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