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Deep Spirituality

Deep Spirituality is a series of devotionals, podcasts, videos and more designed to help you develop a more personal relationship with God. The Kick-Start Your Quiet Time newsletter is a resource we are excited to provide to anyone looking for a way to gain new insights in the morning and engage their hearts.

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It can be hard knowing what to study in your Bible every morning.

We want to help with that. Every issue of Kick-Start Your Quiet Time contains these helpful items to get your walk with God moving.

Opening question

It helps to engage your heart before you begin reading. An opening question helps you reflect so you know what to look for in the scriptures.

Scriptures with notes

Each devotional consists of scriptures with commentary to help not only with your understanding of the Word, but how to apply it to your life.

Additional resources

If you'd like to take the study further, check out these additional devotionals, podcast episodes, videos and more so you can take a deeper dive.

Want to talk to someone?

Contact us if you’d like to attend a service or small group event.

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