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The Defining Decade

2019 Impact Report

The next 10 years will be a defining period for the world. For us to answer God’s call in the coming decade, we must become new.

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Introduction: The Importance of Understanding the Times

…from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do—200 chiefs, with all their relatives under their command.” -I Chronicles 12:32 NIV

God has always called his people to be among the consequential influencers that determine how world events unfold. For us to answer this call in the coming decade, we must become new. Whether we consider ourselves Baby Boomers, Generation X, or Millennials, as Christians we have a different destiny. We are “Generation Change The World.” In consideration of the times and God’s call for us to change the world, we must invest wisely to fulfill his call of destiny for our lives.

The following is a glimpse of how we believe God will move through us in the decade ahead .

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The Decade Ahead

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Local Impact

Making impact through Y (teen) and campus ministries, house churches, and E-ministry.

Digital Influence

Making God known and providing resources to people in the Bay Area and beyond.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with grief; come now and overwhelm us with gladness. Replace our years of trouble with decades of delight.”

– Psalm 90:15 (TPT)

Local Impact

By focusing on investing in the following areas, we believe God will build our church and make a substantial impact in the Bay Area.

Y and campus

Inspiring the next generation.

House churches

Influencing every neighborhood


Impacting through inclusion

Local Impact

Teen and campus ministries

“We will continue to tell our children and not hide from the rising generation the great marvels of our God…” - Psalm 78:3

Key focuses
  • Teen/campus inclusion center
  • Scholar/intern program
  • Teen and middle school camp
Local Impact

House churches and small groups

Every human being needs vision and compassion. Our local groups allow everyone to build relationships and make an impact on our neighborhoods.

Key focuses
  • Local outdoor services
  • Local holiday services
  • Leadership workshops
Local Impact


Our aspiration is to teach the heart of compassion to the world. We are working towards this goal through our flagship community service programs that practice inclusion, bringing hope to families with special needs everywhere.

Key focuses

Digital Influence

It can't be emphasized enough the importance of having a strong online presence. By allocating more resources to our digital efforts, we have an opportunity to be a light in an online world that is dominated by darkness.

Our goals
  • Create spiritually helpful and engaging spiritual media content for everyone
  • Increase awareness of Bay Area services, events and community service programs
  • Improve the experiences of our local events, as well as expand the reach of our message of “God and Good” to the world
Digital Influence

Tools for spiritual growth

We want everyone to have access to spiritually helpful media that allows you to grow in your relationship with God, whether you’re in the Bay Area or not.

What to check out
Digital Influence

Empowering inclusion

Jesus made a point to engage with, heal and befriend people who were cast aside by society. Our hope is that we can spread the powerful message of inclusion through our various programs.

What to check out

How do I give to Special Contribution?

The SC is a collection of funds taken up to support the ongoing mission of the church. For 2019 these funds will help support and hire interns to train to become effective leaders in the Y, Campus and Professionals Ministries.

If you’d like to contribute to Special Contribution, simply attend one of our six services taking place on June 2nd.

If you are interested in making a stock donation, please email

While personally raising funds, are members allowed to use the church’s name or logo, or represent that the church is sponsoring the event? If not, why?

Only with approval of the board of directors. Using the Church’s name or logo at a fundraiser may give the impression that the church will take responsibility for any harm or injury resulting from an event.

It’s quite easy to inadvertently put the church at risk for liability based on things we say or do. For example: (1) using the church name or logo to obtain a “non profit discount”; (2) using the name or logo on the internet, in a letter, on printed material, or other media format (such as radio, television, video, etc.), through which money or donations are requested; or (3) representing that the church’s insurance is available to cover potential liabilities.

What does the church require to approve sponsoring a fundraising event?

Approval by the Board of Directors (B of D). Present a written request to your Sector Leader with details of the event and they will present your request to administration and the B of D’s. Be sure to submit requests as far in advance as possible to allow timely review and room for questions or adjustments. Although there are no guarantees on board approval, fundraising events that present less risk to the church are more likely to be approved.

Under no circumstances is it possible, without board approval, to host a church sponsored fundraiser.

If the board of directors do not approve your fundraiser application, our members have many options! Check out our different fundraising ideas.

For members who plan their own fundraisers, should certain events be avoided because they are illegal or otherwise inappropriate?

Yes. Some popular fundraisers are actually illegal or inappropriate. Lotteries, raffles and casino nights are illegal in many states because they are games of chance. Also, some local city or county agencies do not allow soliciting money door-to-door without approval. Other activities that are legal but create risk include car washes (risk of damage to vehicles), homemade food sales (possible food poisoning if food is not properly stored and prepared), and talent or variety shows (injury to performers, etc). Get lots of advice and help and you should be fine.

If you are receiving checks for your own fundraiser, make checks payable to individual members for all sale items (such as a garage sale). Payments for goods or services are not charitable donations or tax deductible. However, monetary donations to the church are tax deductible, so long as nothing of value, such as good or services, are given in exchange for the money. If a buyer or anyone wishes to make a donation to the church (whether or not he or she is buying goods or services), the member may certainly write a check to the church.

  • A cancelled check is a sufficient receipt under $250.00
  • Receipts are required for donations over $250.00 and must be issued from the Church Administrative Office

If your fundraiser has not been board approved then church owned or leased property shouldn’t be used for events that the church hasn’t closely reviewed and approved.

Looking for fundraising ideas?

If you need help thinking of some things to do to raise money for Special Contribution, check out our list of fundraising ideas.

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Questions? Contact us.

We deeply appreciate everyone who helps make our church an inspiration to the Bay Area. If you have questions about your donation or about Special Contribution in general, please contact us.

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