Introducing Let’s Talk

Our first series breaks down how to build spiritual relationships that change the world.

About the series

For the first series of Let’s Talk Night episodes, we discuss our vision for building the church as we come out of the pandemic. Christian and Michelle Giron and Martin and Jynette Oji join Russ Ewell to talk about topics like unity, vision, and building a life-changing, non-traditional church. The series ends with a conversation about spiritual relationships and making church accessible to those who aren’t religious but believe in God.

If you’re just getting started with Let’s Talk nights, this series is an excellent springboard for great conversations about reimagining Christianity and the church so that we can make a lasting impact on the world around us.

In this series

Let’s Talk Introduction

Introducing our new video discussion series

Let’s Talk About Unity

Let's Talk Introduction, Part 1

3x Vision

Let's Talk Introduction, Part 2

Making Church Accessible

Let's Talk Introduction, Part 3

How to Think About Friendship

Let's Talk Introduction, Part 4

Go Deeper to Grow Together

Let's Talk Introduction, Part 5