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Help us do good in the Bay Area

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Join us in our numerous volunteer programs around the Bay Area.

At the Bay Area christian Church, we believe in inspiring people to do good and giving back to our communities. The Bay Area is known for its innovative tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. It is also home to over eight million people, and is a powerful and massive neighborhood driven by inspiration.

Here at the BACC, we provide volunteer opportunities in the Bay Area by continually supporting and building volunteer-driven, community service programs. We also have incredibly active and inspiring members who continue to stir us all with their examples of passion and love for their communities and the people who reside within them.

What our partners in the community are saying

We did not anticipate the overwhelming amount of toys. We had to send another truck to collect all of the toys. We are so thankful that you thought of us, and the teenagers will love the gifts and gift cards.
Lisvet Carillo-Herrera, Santa Clara Social Services
This was an amazing service, and I cannot describe how impacted our entire organization has been by your generosity.
Through volunteering, [my son] has learned to be more compassionate, thoughtful, aggressive, disciplined, and selfless through his maturation as a junior coach.
Coach, E-Soccer

Service in action

We are inspired by our active BACC family who are passionate about harnessing their life experiences in specific areas to help others. Check out these examples of grassroots efforts organized by our members who love doing good in their communities.


E-Sports is an all-volunteer, inclusive sports program which partners typical and special needs kids alongside each other in various athletic capacities.

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Contra Costa Juvenile Hall and Dreamchasers

Volunteer at Contra Costa Juvenile Hall in Martinez, Ca. or help with a transitional program for incarcerated youth.

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East Palo Alto Academy Saturday School

East Palo Alto Academy (EPAA) Saturday School provide free mentorship and tutoring to all students on any subject.

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Toy Drive Impact

Every year through the Toy Drive, BACC is able to provide teenagers and children who are either in the foster care system, survivors of human trafficking, terminally ill patients, or from low-income families across the Bay Area with toys and gift cards during the holiday season.

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Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club

Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club helps youth of all ages by providing a safe facility, positive programs and activities, and dedicated mentors and professional staff who are focused on helping young people succeed personally and educationally.

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Turn 180

Turn 180 helps those who struggle with chemical addiction to successfully sustain their recovery. They do this by focusing not only on their own addictions, but also on bringing benefit to others and the community.

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Parent Support Group and E-Dads

Parent Support Group and E-Dads are groups for parents with children with special needs as well typical children. Both support groups provide an opportunity for parents to build connections with other parents as well as to receive support and encouragement.

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Get involved

Want to participate in one of our community service efforts? Let us know who you are, and we’ll get you tied in.