Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the hottest places in the Western Hemisphere throughout the year. Already well known for its uniquely high heat index which averages a whopping 103 degrees yearly during the summer, Las Vegas is now also “bringin’ the heat” of inspiration for many special needs families throughout the community who have thirsted long for more opportunities for their children.

Through developing friendships and relationship connections between the Greater Las Vegas Church of Christ and the Bay Area Christian Church, the Las Vegas Church has launched an exciting extension of our Bay Area E-Soccer Program, which was founded by Russ Ewell, father of two sons wit special needs. “Hear the Cry”: E-Soccer/Hope for God’s Children ( launched in March of 2011 and is already reaching and serving 60+ special needs and typical kids in the community!

We are inspired by the enthusiasm of the brothers and sisters in Las Vegas who have embraced the passion to provide opportunity and serve families with special needs in their area. It reignites our gratitude here in the Bay Area for this incredible program. We are thankful for the connections we are building with the Las Vegas Church and we see how God uses these friendships to meet needs and spur us higher – to “bring the heat” in making a felt difference for families!

Here at home, we are “turning up the heat” on Saturday, April 23rd at our Spring 2011 E-Soccer Coaches Training from 10 am – 12:30 pm at Canada College in Redwood City. This training session will be comprehensive in how to work with different types of special needs, soccer drills and games, and more. Anyone who attendees will receive phenomenal professional training from US Soccer Coaching staff ( as well as from physical/occupational therapists and long-time E-Soccer veterans regarding how to work with different special needs in the sports/soccer environment. We are also very excited to host a group of the new Las Vegas E-Soccer coaches who will be attending for the weekend!

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