These Destiny Profiles each highlight men and women who have embraced God’s unique purpose for their lives thus far. We hope that some aspect of their journey will relate to your own and give you courage to overcome any fear that may stand in the way.


Aubrey Kring is a senior at College Park High School. She was recently given the Teen of the Year Award by the city of Pleasant Hill for being the co-founder of the “Exceptional Club” or E-Club at her school. E-club focuses on creating an all-inclusive environment on campus that allows students of all backgrounds to interact and socialize. The program is linked to the E-Sports programs that Aubrey has been participating and volunteering in since she was in 3rd grade.

What Is Your Favorite…

Scripture: Romans 8:38-39

Character in the Bible: Peter

3 Destiny Questions:

1. Why Me?

The E-Club was started in Aubrey’s junior year of high school. She was inspired by her friend Alexis, who had been doing it at her own school and saw how it impacted many people. She sensed her school needed a purpose that would help students become interested in something other than their own lives.  Being a part of e-soccer since 3rd grade, she knew how e-soccer inspired the kids who have special needs and helped the coaches learn compassion.  Participating in e-soccer brought joy to both the kids and the coaches.  Everyone who has come to E-Soccer has loved it.  Although she felt like e-soccer was something her school both needed and would enjoy,  her lack of experience gave her doubts she could convince students to join e-club.  She didn’t even know how to explain e-club.    “What if people wouldn’t want to join or be excited or what if it’d be awkward? What if it didn’t impact enough people?” These were all thoughts that made her doubt she could really make a difference at school.

2. Why Now?

Aubrey’s older sister Maddy, had inspired her to make an impact when they were in school together the previous year. Maddy started an e-tutoring program with Aubrey, and later they started a bible talk. Neither club was successful. It would have been easy to feel defeated.  The following school year, after Maddy had graduated, Aubrey decided to try one more time to impact her school. It was difficult to believe this attempt would finally be successful.  However,  through prayer and scripture she kept her focus on the vision to make a difference, and started e-club.

3. Why Not?

It was a big undertaking to start and persevere despite fear and doubt. What she learned was that belief in God and the encouragement of friends make all the difference.  Her friends built her up  and reminded her of the vision she had for her school. These same friends encouraged her to stay focus on fulfilling her purpose, while holding each other accountable to make a difference.  Her own expectations to take action set an example for people around her.  Her prayers for other people and how the club would benefit people kept her believing in her plan.  Her prayers not to be defeated by fear, kept her hopeful.


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