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This week, the league’s only undefeated team suffered its first loss! With only one week left before playoffs, teams are vying for position in the league standings. here’s the Week 4 recap


Game Recaps:

Santa Clara vs. San Mateo
Last week, the question was posed “can anyone beat San Mateo?” Ladies and gentlemen, we have our answer.  After a humiliating loss to CC North last week, Santa Clara came out ready to do work. Throughout their upset game against San Mateo, SC was reserved and businesslike. There were no big speeches at halftime; they casually ran shooting drills. They did not get cocky; they kept their cool.  After taking the lead late in the first half, they refused to give it up. At one point, they led by 12. Santa Clara’s high speed offense was led by DeAngelo Jackson and Cameron Cash. San Mateo did not show the level of discipline and communication we have come to expect from them in past weeks. How will the defending champions respond to this loss?
Final Score: Santa Clara – 70 San Mateo – 65

San Francisco vs. Contra Costa South
Contra Costa’s squad was scrappy and fought hard to hang with San Francisco, however they were unable to keep up with SF’s determined, aggressive gameplay. With a severely depleted squad (6 men), SF had to play extremely smart in order to maintain their edge. Their intelligent defense and strength in getting to the basket enabled them to stretch their lead in the second half for a decisive victory over CC South. Despite facing some challenges earlier in the season, San Francisco is beginning assert itself as a real threat in the league.
Final Score: San Francisco – 71 CC South – 57

Contra Costa North vs. Alameda
For two teams who have shown us so much intensity in the past (especially last week), this game was a bit lackluster. the first half almost seemed like a warm-up, the score remained close and it appeared that CC and Alameda were simply skating by on talent. In the second half, Contra Costa took their game up a notch and started communicating more and exhibiting some of the intensity that we saw last week in their amazing comeback against Santa Clara. Unfortunately, just as CC started running hot, Alameda started melting down. Alameda will need to step up its game if it hopes to do well next week against the up and coming Santa Clara.
 Final Score: CC North – 84 Alameda – 65

 Leading Scorers:

DeAngelo Jackson – 37 (SC)

Roy Giles – 33 (CC North)

Philips – 23 (CC South)

Mario Flaherty – 22 (SF)

Emmanuel Igbinosa – 18 (SM)

Ade Henderson – 14 (AL)

Middle School Results:

Alameda – 21 Contra Costa – 18

Santa Clara – 47 San Mateo – 33

Top Scorers:

Jake- 15




Come out to San Mateo High School next Sunday to catch some of the action!

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