In Week Three, we saw insane comebacks, close calls and strong finishes. Make sure you come next week to witness the action first-hand. Here’s the Week 3 Recap…


Game Recaps:

San Francisco vs. Alameda
San Francisco and Alameda played an extremely close game. SF held a slight edge throughout the game, but every time they began to pull ahead, Alameda would come right back to keep it close. The game came down to the wire, but in the end, SF got the turnovers they needed to hold off Alameda as they attempted a last minute comeback.
Final Score: San Francisco-64  Alameda-63

Santa Clara vs. Contra Costa North
Santa Clara absolutely destroyed the first half. They dominated both offensively and defensively, going into halftime with a score of 44-22. Words like “blowout” and “murder” were being tossed around on the sidelines.  At halftime, player/coach Anton Lyons (Contra Costa) rallied his team; he later said “We overlooked them as a ball club… [In the first half]We weren’t being aggressive and we weren’t playing together.”  That completely changed as soon as they stepped back onto the court. Contra Costa came out blazing. Their offensive and defensive intensity picked up, while Santa Clara’s high-speed offense ground to a screeching halt.  With less than two minutes left, a technical foul by SC gave CC an opportunity at six free throws. John Sharper, Contra Costa’s shooting guard, knocked down all six shots, tying up the game. Seconds later, CC took the lead with a three-pointer and never looked back. This will definitely go down as one of the wildest games of the summer!
Final Score: CC North-74  Santa Clara-70

San Mateo vs. Contra Costa South
The defending champions, San Mateo, are once again establishing themselves as the powerhouse of the league. CC South was able to keep up through the first half, but San Mateo pulled away as the second half progressed, stretching their lead to 17 points by the end of the game.  When asked about the key to their consistent success, Remi Sobomehin, San Mateo’s forward, said that their team is dedicated “to the goal of winning the championship as a unit.”  Their team chemistry is a huge factor. Sobomehin said “[playing together] for so long has led to a greater feeling of trust in each other and our coach.”
One question remains: Can anyone beat them?
Final Score: San Mateo-67  CC South-50

 Leading Scorers:

John Sharper- 30 (CC North)

Keenan Mcmiller- 26 (A)

Mario Flahrety- 23 (SF)

Deangelo Jackson- 16 (SC)


Middle School Results:

Alameda- 46 San Francisco- 22

Santa Clara- 40 Contra Costa- 12

Middle School Player of the Week:

Ethan Woon scored 10 points and pulled in 10 rebounds in Alameda’s win over San Francisco.


Join us next Sunday at San Mateo High School! The action starts at 3 o’clock!

Contributing Author: Dylan Howell

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