In today’s age we have so many connections! So many friends!  But how do you keep your friendships strong so when trouble comes, you are not alone?  You need to have FUN with your friends!  Actually see them face to face!  It makes such a big difference in connecting because you can see their expression, see how they are doing and can do great things together!

The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, just like a friend.
Exodus 33:9 (CEV)

1. Have Coffee/Tea together!

It is fast, easy, even if it is just for a half hour or 15 minutes, catching up face to face is enough to strengthen any bond.

2. Enjoy the weather!

Go for a walk or hike together  get the blood flowing and conversations and prayer going!

3. Play Games!

Card games, dominos, board games…interactive, competitive, what better way to get some healthy competitiveness out of your system!

4. Create together!

Even if you lack in the creativity department making things with friends is fun!  Cooking, making cards, coming up with song lyrics, planning date nights, or even create events that bring people together!

5. Serve together!

Serving is good for the soul but serving alone is no fun. You can make sandwiches or care packages for the homeless, take a middle school or teenager under your wings, usher at church with your friend, take a friend a meal together. With your friend you can see a need and fill a need!

Love each other with a warm love that comes from the heart. After all, you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth. As a result you have a sincere love for each other.
1Peter 1:22 (GW)

Friendships are great to have but like anything, we need to invest in them to make them strong.  God calls us to have friendships that are warm, full of love and care.  Couldn’t you use a warm friend? Well, it is time to BE that warm friend! Let’s spend time with our friends beyond texts, chats and messaging on apps!

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