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Marriage refreshment weekend 2011“You turned my wailing into dancing;  you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy…” (Ps 30:11-12)

Marriage is like a dance; some people think it’s the song, but it’s the partner who makes the difference. The songs will change. Sometimes they will fill us with joy, at other times they will make us feel blue.  Through it all we must keep dancing.  We must never lose the dream, which brought us together.  We must dream on. Whether at the beginning of our marriage journey, or experiencing the sustained benefits of years together, this year’s Marriage Refreshment Weekend promises to keep us dreaming.

Why We Need Dreams

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Prov 29:18)

Why are we talking about dreams at a marriage refreshment weekend? The simple truth is every relationship begins with a vision of the future.  We develop a sense of how we want things to be, and then we begin the search for the person who will make this dream come true.

Once we find the one with whom we will share our life, the journey begins.  It is never as predictable as the original dream.  Life and marriage can feel like a plane in rough turbulence.  The ups and downs can shake us and leave us wondering if we’ll ever see the dream come true.  This is why we must learn to “Dream On”.

The key line in the famous Aerosmith Song “Dream On” says, “Dream until your dreams come true.”   This mantra must become a conviction if we are to build great marriages and families.   The dream will change as we travel on this journey.  The ups and downs, the turns, the surges, and the setbacks are all a part of God’s plan.  Each of these are part of God’s great destiny for our lives.  All of it can and will be fulfilled if we dream on.

So on this weekend, our hope is that everyone involved in this marriage refreshment weekend will restore their desire to dream, reclaim their ability to dream, and renew their faith in the dream.  We hope everyone will “Dream On”.

“Dream on..dream on…dream on…dream until your dreams come true.” (Aerosmith)

Register below for $46 per couple (or, $23 /person) (includes Saturday breakfast). Also, to reserve your room at Hyatt for just $85/night, please call Hyatt reservations at 408-200-1234 and provide them with the event code “BACC”. Check out the classes and schedule details below as well to plan ahead for refreshment!

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Friday, November 11th

7:30 pm    Keynote Session: “Who Makes the Dreamer?”

 1.     Women: “Restoring Your Desire to Dream”      Gail Ewell

  • Reawakening the heart to dream, dealing with bitterness, and finding purpose

 2.     Men: “Reclaiming Your Ability to Dream”        Scott Colvin

  • Focus: Reclaiming the confidence to dream and, in turn, inspire your family

 3.     Men: “Renewing Your Faith in the Dream”       Stone Eleazer

  • Focus: Overcoming our struggle to believe in God. This class is ideal for those really in need of faith as well as those newly visiting and learning about God.

 Saturday, November 12th

9-10:15 am       Breakfast Cafe

  • Assorted coffee, teas, and breakfast burritos served in a relaxing atmosphere with light ambient music – an ideal place to hang out, read, and/or enjoy morning fellowship with other couples.

10:30 am          SESSION I: “Building the Dream”

1.         HOPE: “Becoming a Dreamer”            Moalas

This class is about not settling in our marriages but instead becoming dreamers by changing the way we think, talk, and live. It’s about becoming hopeful!

2.         FAITH: “Never Stop Dreaming”          Wegers

This class is about developing character and heart in your marriage and family through suffering, difficulty, etc. It’s about adding to your faith… (2 Pet 1)!

3.         LOVE: “How Dreams Come True”   M: Brian Nitta, Phil Johnson

                                                                             W: Margo Colvin

This class stresses the importance of being driven by relationships instead of rules, ambitions, and goals. It’s more important to bring home five friends instead of five awards!

4.         UNITY: “Choosing One Dream”           Manuels

This class takes on the need to deal with deep divisions. Division at home leads to division everywhere else. We must recognize where we’re not on the same page.

11:30 am           SESSION II: “Dream Until Your Dreams Come True”

1.         “Overcoming Obstacles to Intimacy”

The only way to achieving intimacy is to figure out first why you’re not. This panel session starts here…

2.         “Overcoming Obstacles to Friendship

This panel session is about overcoming isolation by building strong peer relationships – something many tend to abandon after getting married and having kids.

3.         “Noah’s Ark: Making the Exceptional Extraordinary”

This panel session is about building your family when it has many challenging and/or complex components – emotional challenges, kids with special needs, blended families, etc.

4.         “Animal House: Winning the Battle for Your Teen’s Heart”

(For MS & Y Parents)

 As we move from having younger children to raising a teen, it can feel like we just moved from “Little House on the Prairie” to “Animal House”! This panel session is about parents making their home and Christianity so inspiring that it wins the battle for their teen’s heart.

12:30 pm           Close-Out/Lunch